And the award for best paper at the IPMS 2019 goes to…

The International Process Metallurgy Symposium brought together over 170 researchers and industry experts from various fields to share latest results and developments in the area of Process Metallurgy. The key challenge was to progress on the extraction and recovery of metals from primary and secondary raw materials in a sustainable manner to create near-zero waste processes. The symposium took place on 5-6 November 2019 in Espoo (Finland) and was the closing symposium of ETN SOCRATES.

ESR Stylianos Spathariotis wins best paper award at IPMS 2019

All ESRs of the SOCRATES team delivered presentations of high quality during the symposium that hooked the audience and lead to many discussions about the future of the field. The highlight of the event – for at least one of the ESRs – was at the closing of symposium when Stylianos Spathariotis (ESR5), won the prize for the best paper among 170 participants from institutes, worldwide. During his presentation, he spoke about the so-called Deep Eutectic Solvents as alternative to aqueous media for metal recovery. Their good electrochemical properties give them the potential for efficient selective metal recovery and as was demonstrated, they can be used in large scale to create environmentally friendly processes!


Many congratulations to Stelios!


ESR Stylianos Spathariotis wins best paper award at IPMS 2019


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