Samant Nagraj

Samant Nagraj

My name is Samant Nagraj and I am the ESR 3 from India. I am an introvert and a night owl. I can spend days watching YouTube, movies, sitcoms and Japanese anime. I am not a great cook, but I like to cook when I get bored.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from JNTU Hyderabad, India. Working on my bachelor thesis at a steel plant made me realized how amazing Metallurgy truly is. So, I decided to do master’s in Metallurgical Engineering and the research at RWTH Aachen University, Germany caught my interest. At RWTH Aachen, I focused my study on Process Technology of Metals and wrote my thesis on electronic scrap recycling. I am currently enrolled at KU Leuven, where I am undertaking a PhD with the focus on the valorization of fayalitic slag.

My PhD is about designing highly selective pyrometallurgical process for the extraction of metals from industrial-waste residues such as metallurgical slag. This process produces an ultra-clean slag which can be further valorized as a building material. My host company Metallo is utilizing plasma gas to selectively separate Zinc from the fayalitic slag. My job is to study the effects of plasma gas submerged in the liquid fayalitic slag on the Zinc extraction process. I have to develop a model to calculate the reaction rates and equilibria for the zinc-fuming reaction and validate it.

I want to develop novel recycling techniques and processes with cutting edge technologies which produce zero waste. For that reason, I have to become an experienced researcher in process metallurgy and metal recycling. In the distant future, I want to start a metal recycling company using the experience I gained. I believe KU Leuven and Metallo are the right places for me to learn and develop my skills as a researcher. Prof. Blanpain and Ir. Chintinne are sharing their experiences and guiding me in the right direction to achieve my goal.

If you are interested in my research topic, do not be hesitate and get in touch with me, I will be glad of talking and discussing about it. You can contact me at: