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Peer-reviewed paper by ETN SOCRATES ESRs

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SOCRATES’ benchmark review paper on zero-waste valorisation concept:

  • K. Binnemans, et al., Towards zero-waste valorisation of rare-earth-containing industrial process residues: a critical review, Journal of Cleaner Production, 99, 2015, 17-38. Download here.

SOCRATES benchmark paper on Zn and Pb recovery from residues

  • M.A. Reuter, et al., Lead, Zinc and their Minor Elements: Enablers of a Circular Economy, World of Metallurgy – ERZMETALL, 68 (3), 2015, 134-148. Download here.
  • J. Hoang, et al., Top submerged lance direct zinc smelting, Minerals Engineering, 22, 2009, 742–751. Download here.

“Landfill mining Classics” – the most cited ELFM review papers and position papers:

  • J. Krook, et al., Landfill mining: A critical review of two decades of research, Waste Management, 32, 2012, 513-520. Download here.
  • P.T. Jones, et al., Enhanced Landfill Mining in view of multiple resource recovery: a critical review, Journal of Cleaner Production, 55, 2013, 45-55. Download here.
  • S. Van Passel, et al., The economics of enhanced landfill mining: private and societal performance drivers, Journal of Cleaner Production, 55, 2013, 92-102. Download here.

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All other peer-reviewed papers on ELFM:

Full overview of downloadable papers is available here