ESRs make a video report about the 5th network-wide event in Leicester (Febr. 2019)

Every half year, the full Socrates consortium meets for a network-wide event. In February 2019, we were welcomed at the University of Leicester. On the first day, the ESRs presented their individual research results. On the second day, the consortium reviewed the progress made, drew lessons learned, discussed future plans, and cross-checked all the project milestones and deliverables. Before and after these intense days, the ESRs received several trainings, both technical and soft-skills trainings. This time, special attention was given to science communication, supported by visual and audio-visual material, which led to some nice results!

The results of the training on how to take a photograph can be viewed in the blog section on our website.

The result of the training on how to make a short video can be seen below! With many thanks to all the enthusiastic ESRs for their contributions!


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