15 years of slag valorisation @ KU Leuven (SVS V)

On April 3, 2017, the Fifth Slag Valorisation Symposium (SVS V) kicked off in Leuven. For this Fifth edition a record-breaking attendance of 250 participants was obtained. Prof. Bart Blanpain, on of the Founding Fathers of the SVS Series had the honour to provide the first keynote lecture. Prof. Blanpain provided a bird’s eye overview on 15 years of slag valorisation related research at KU Leuven. The presentation “A bird’s eye view of the slag valorization work at KU Leuven” can be downloaded below… an impressive overview highlighting the many milestones that were reached in this period, leading to both academic and industrial breakthroughs.

Bart-BlanpainBio Bart Blanpain. Full professor at Department of Materials Engineering of the KU Leuven since 1990, coordinator of the Pyrosection of the High Temperature Processes and Industrial Ecology research group, head of the Division of Sustainable Metals Processing and Recycling and site director for the International Center for Resource Recovery and Recycling.

Abstract lecture. Resource efficiency has become one of the key global societal and technical challenges. Metallurgical slags present a valuable opportunity to decrease our dependency on natural resources. At the Department of Materials Engineering of the KU Leuven we have started working in this field some 15 years ago in cooperation with a large Flemish stainless steel company. At the beginning our focus was mainly on hot stage engineering of the slag for improved slag valorisation. Over the years this has turned into a rather large scale high intensity research effort where hot stage engineering and slag valorisation go hand in hand towards zero waste high added value slag valorisation in cooperation with many industrial partners as well as academic partners inside and outside of the KU Leuven. The aim of this presentation is to give you some of the research highlights that have been achieved up to now. In addition we will also present our research organisation and approach and a few of the lessons learnt on the way.

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