Giacomo Damilano


Giacomo Damilano


KU Leuven

My name is Giacomo Damilano, I am a green chemist from Italy and I am the ESR 8. As I was a child, you could have asked me what I would like to be when I would grow up and I would have replied the mad scientist! Being that I pursed a field of chemistry that “aims to the moon” (a green future), I think I attained to my childhood fantasies.

Science always captivated me and chemistry, being an inventive and creative person, seemed to be the most appropriate science field to study! To be sincere, I was not always a green chemist; I started laying down the common groundings of pure chemistry in my Bachelor degree studies at the University of Bologna. Then, I moved to London to pursue my Master studies in green chemistry at Imperial College of London, one of the greenest periods of my life!

Even today, I have fond memories of that experience outside my own country; a tough experience that I would strongly suggest to anyone. In London, I started researching on Ionic Liquids, a marvellous and exciting field of research full of twists and novelty. These experiences were even more relevant to me as a person because allowed me to understand the importance to proudly own your identity, something I learnt from the Dean of Natural Sciences Tom Welton whom advocated for diversity among scientists and visibility for the LGBT community in science, community to whom I personally belong.

Lately, I started my PhD studies here at KU Leuven into the synthesis of novel Ionic Liquids starting from renewable materials. Ionic liquids are marvellous materials to carry on research! They are salts liquid at about room temperature with unique proprieties as, for example, nearly non-existent vapour pressure, which avoids both financial and environmental issues related with solvents evaporation.

Leuven is a fantastic working environment for carrying out my research, just in the centre of Europe and in a dynamic group of bright and passionate researchers from all over the world. Professor Dehaen and Professor Binnemans are directing me in my personal researcher growth and research and I am grateful to them and to my colleagues for sharing with me their experience in this field.

May you be interested to my argument of research, you are more than welcome to get in touch with me at: