Alejandro Abadías Llamas


Alejandro Abadías Llamas
Freiberg University

I am Alejandro and I was born in a little but amazing village of the north of Spain, Sariñena. I grew up in this marvelous part of Spain, near to the Pyrenees (As you can see into the photo). I was living in Sariñena until I was 18. Then, I left to study in Zaragoza, which is 1 hour away from my village. Living close to my village allowed me to come back every weekend and enjoy it with my family and friends!
I was studying Mechanical Engineering for four years, focusing in thermal energy and fluids systems. As I liked the subjects about energy, I decided to study a Master’s in Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency at the University of Zaragoza. During my Master Degree studies I felt so interested in the resource efficiency issues, so I did my Master Degree Thesis about this topic.
As my interest in the resource efficiency was growing quickly, I decided to start researching and doing my PhD Thesis about Resource Efficiency in Industrial Systems. Thus, I was doing my PhD Thesis at the University of Zaragoza for one year. However, my supervisor informed me that there were possibilities to join into a European Training Network(ETN) that totally fits with my topic. This ETN was SOCRATES and now I am the 15th Marie Curie fellow of this training network.
Since, February 2017 I am working at Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology and TU Bergakademie Freiberg. My role is to assess the sustainability of the processes that my colleagues are going to design. To meet this goal, I am going to model and simulate these processes and I am going to use “exergy” (Yes, Exergy. It is not a typo!) to assess the resources that will be consumed in these processes. Exergy is a property that measures not only the quantity but also the quality, energy, raw materials and water flows. The advantage is that it can be assessed with the same units, allowing the integration between them. Additionally, the cost of the processes in terms of natural resources will also be assessed. Hence, take care and make your processes as sustainable as you can, I will be watching you!!

If you are interested in my research topic, do not be hesitate and get in touch with me, I will be glad to discuss it. You can contact me at: