Gwydyon Marchelli

Gwydyon Marchelli UBonnMy name is Gwydyon Marchelli. I was born the 11/11/1992 in Turin (Italy) and I lived in a small town near my birthplace named San Benigno Canavese. I studied at the University of Turin where in the 2015 I get my bachelor degree In Chemistry and Chemical Technologies. I did an internship in the University of Pau from May 2017 to July 2017 and in April 2018 I get my master degree in Chemistry at the University of Turin.

During my studies I discover an interest for the theoretical chemistry, in particular the use of the computational tools in order to understand the behavior of the solid state. I focused on the optical properties of it; nevertheless my preparation includes also organic, inorganic systems and instrumental analysis.

Now I am the ESR 10 in the etn SOCRATES, doing the PhD at the University of Bonn with the project “In-silico design of selective metal extractants”. If you are interested in my works don’t hesitate to contact me at