Inaugural lecture Prof. Yiannis Pontikes

On Thursday March 9, 2017, Prof. Yiannis Pontikes provided his inaugural lecture, titled “Fe-Ca-silicate slags: when purpose-driven research challenges perception of what is feasible”. The slides for this presentation are now available on

The presentation presents an intriguing overview of the work being performed with Prof. Pontikes’ SREMAT Research Group and, more broadly, in the SIM² KU Leuven Research Line on Upcycling of raw materials and residues into new applications. Key attention is given to “Flanders’ Metal Valley” and the multiple co-operations taking place with companies like Metallo, Group Machiels, Umicore, Aperam, ArcelorMittal, Orbix, Nyrstar etc. in which a multitude of slags and other residues are upcycled into wonderful new products such an inorganic polymers.

If you want to obtain more information about the work of Prof. Yiannis Pontikes, you can find a list of publications here, and a selection of the top 10 SIM² KU Leuven RL2 here.




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