Landfilled sulphur residue set to be Boliden Kokkola’s next resource

The zinc smelter Boliden Kokkola in Finland has found new methods to extract zinc, silver and lead as well as produce sulphuric acid from the residue. It has approximately 820,000 tonnes of landfilled sulphur residue (330,000 dry tonnes), a material containing valuable metals that they previously were unable to recover. Now, through its research, Boliden can take another steps towards a ...

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ESR in the picture: Stelios’ work featured in New Walk Museum

In September 2018 we briefly described PhD student Stylianos Spathariotis’ artwork which linked ‘Deep Eutectic Solvents, Fifty Shades of Grey and Brexit‘. We (and Stelios especially) are very proud to announce that his work, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, has been selected for display in the annual open exhibition at New Walk Museum. The piece combines the science of metal recovery ...

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