Shuang Yang

My name is Shuang Yang and I am the ESR 13. I was born in China on 22/10/1993. Before I was 18, I lived in a small town in the southwest of China with my parents. In 2016, I got my bachelor degree in Advanced Materials and Devices from Sichuan University. After that, I began to study at the University of Science and Technology of China where I got my master degree in Materials Science and Engineering in July 2019.

I mainly focused on electrochemistry in my master’s study, including supercapacitors and advanced batteries. Through collaborations involving chemical catalysis with others, I found my interest in this field and started to do some research about electrocatalysis, such as oxygen evolution and oxygen reduction.

Now I am pursuing Ph.D. at Utrecht University with the project “Zero-waste valorization of industrial process residues”. Welcome to get in touch with me if you are interested in my topic. Here is my email address: