Barbara Kirchner


Prof. Barbara Kirchner (Supervisor ESR9 & 10, WP2 Leader, S/T Training, Supervisor secondment ESR7, SB Representative) is specialised in solvents and solvent effects, ionic liquids, neoteric solvents and green chemistry. She has extensive teaching experience in theoretical chemistry and mathematics. She is the author of over 130 publications and counts for more than 3,500 citations. She is the supervisor of 8 finished PhDs and 8 on-going PhD projects and presently supervises 5 postdoctoral fellows.

She is the project leader of a project in the CRC 813 “Chemistry at Spin Centers” (Since 2013), on-going DFG Projects 768 KI/8-1 and SPP 1708 “Material Synthesis near Room Temperature”. Finished DFG Projects: KI 768/4-1, KI 768/4-2 (2005-2010), SPP 1191 “Ionic Liquids” (2006-2014), KI 768/6-1 (2007-2010), KI 768/7-1 (2010-2014), Project leader in the framework of CRC 624 “Templates” (2005-2009). Received several scholarships for her PhD students (DAAD, Fonds der Chemischen Industrie). IMPRS-RECHARGE in cooperation with Max Planck Institute. Editor of several books (e.g., B. Kirchner, M. Reiher, Theoretical Methods for Supramolecular Chemistry, Analytical Methods in Supramolecular Chemistry).